Coming Back To You – Pre-Release Note

Excited to announce that Coming Back To You the fifth release from Lily Hayden is available for pre-order, or you can order the paperback before the Official Launch on 21st September 2020.

In Coming Back To You, we’re travelling back to 1996 to meet fifteen year old Emma Partridge.

While Charles & Diana were finalizing their divorce, Take That were splitting up, and Dolly the Sheep was just Dolly the Lamb, Emma is falling in love for the very first time.

I think we can all relate to the dizzy heights and heartache of first love. If you’re around my age and from the UK, I can safely bet that some curtain-haired, Adidas-jacket-wearing Romeo broke your heart for the first time during this era. I don’t think we realise how lucky we were to not have our fashion disasters of this era captured forever on social media!

We’re not stopping in 1996 for long though as Coming Back To You follows Emma up until present day with several stops along at her university years, an engagement, the births of her sons, and more.

Coming Back To You is a bittersweet romance for all love story fans. All 2020 royalties (not profits- pure royalties) are raising much-needed funds for the Huntington’s Disease Association. You can find more information about the amazing work they do at

First Love and Second Chances

We were never meant to be, we just happened against the odds.

From the moment that Emma met Ryan, she knew he was the one for her, but he leaves her heartbroken when he betrays her and disappears from her life, only to return and shatter her heart for a second time.

It feels like fate when life throws them back together as adults. Emma is living a charmed life with a beautiful family and her art career beginning to take off, but she can’t help feeling like her heart is pulling her back to her first love.

But Ryan is still keeping secrets, and she has to decide whether to turn away from him forever or keep fighting for their love against all odds.


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