How to be happy

I’ve posted this before on social media, which is weird for me as I’m not an emotion sharer (that’s Lily- she’s the sharer).

It’s almost three years ago now since I changed my life and I’ve never been happier. I had a lovely, secure life but essentially, I gave it up to sell a thousand (and counting) books and am now working more hours for less money and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier.

I’ve been reflecting on what it is that makes me so happy with the life I’m living and I’m ashamed to say it boils down to a few cheesy clichés:

1. Make yourself the top of your to-do list. By doing something exclusively for me (in this case, quitting my job and taking a year out), I stopped feeling like life was holding me back and admitted that the only person holding me back was me. It feels great to be able to say I’ve done what I set out to do.
2. Remember that other people’s opinions of you are none of your business. You might get people who are unsupportive or judgmental, but a good way to look at things that are said about you is that it’s either true in which case at some point in the last *cough* thirty-seven years I’ve come to terms with it, or it’s wrong.
3. Be grateful for what you have got. It’s an easy one to say but a lot harder to do, especially in our social media obsessed world where we proudly display the best part of our shiny, filtered lives. There’s nothing wrong with a filter but we don’t really know what really goes on in other people’s lives and chances are, someone out there dreams of living your life.
4. Surround yourself with people that believe in you. Pick your team. Those people that check in on you, who make you feel good about yourself- they’re the only ones you need.
5. Do the right thing. Even when nobody’s looking. Working for myself, it was easier to notice that I felt most frustrated when I knew a) I wasn’t giving 100% and/or b) I wasn’t speaking up when I felt like I should. We all mess up and that’s ok. Just try to be the best version of you and you won’t regret it.
6. Stop feeling guilty for being happy. You can’t be happy all the time. Sad things happen and you have to carry them with you, sometimes forever, so don’t sweat the small stuff and squeeze every last drop of laughter and happiness out of life that you can.

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